Love Story – A couple’s inspired new type of film available

Every Wedding is a Love Story:

As a Staffordshire Wedding Videographer, I’ve had the privilege of documenting countless love stories. Recently, a new and intimate addition to my services has taken center stage – the “Love Story” film. I have two stories which has made this Idea came to be. Both stories are of course… Love stories! 

Nikki and Danny: A Love Unveiled in Nature's Embrace

Nikki and Danny’s wedding, set against the scenic backdrop of Heaton House Farm, unfolded with a perfect blend of warmth and joy. Working alongside my fellow photographer, Pete Davis, the day began with capturing Nikki’s infectious personality and her two lovely daughters, Courtney and Brooke. Danny, a laid-back groom, welcomed us into his preparations, setting the tone for a day filled with genuine moments.

What stood out was the couple’s eagerness for their ‘couple shots.’ Unconventional choices, like Nikki changing into black Wellingtons, added a unique touch to the film. The result? An epic Love Story Video that focused solely on the bride and groom. It was a revelation, bringing tears to my eyes during the editing process.

Little did I know that this spontaneous creation would pave the way for a new service in my packages.

Charlotte and Daniel: An October Affair at Mill Barns

Fast forward to Charlotte and Daniel’s October wedding at Mill Barns in Bridgnorth. The day was filled with the charm of autumn, complemented by the couple’s easygoing demeanor. From the bridal preps to the ceremony, every moment unfolded seamlessly, setting the stage for something extraordinary.

Once outside, the couple’s openness to creative direction sparked a whirlwind of imaginative shots. Light rays, drone-hovering over a stream, and a champagne shower – the creativity flowed effortlessly. Little did I anticipate the emotional rollercoaster that awaited me during the Love Story Film edit. Laughter, tears, and a profound connection unfolded on screen, proving that this was more than just a job; it was a purpose.

The Birth of Love Story Films: A Personal Journey

The journey from editing Nikki and Danny’s unexpected Love Story Video to Charlotte and Daniel’s emotional masterpiece was transformative. It was clear that couples cherished this intimate portrayal of their love. Implementing Love Story Films into my packages felt like a natural progression, despite the additional filming time required – usually not more than 30 minutes.


In the world of wedding videography, the “Love Story” film has emerged as a powerful way to encapsulate the essence of a couple’s connection. From Nikki and Danny’s outdoor adventure to Charlotte and Daniel’s autumnal magic. These stories illustrate the beauty of capturing love in its most authentic form. Embracing this evolution, I’m excited to offer Love Story Films as part of my wedding videography packages. My aim: to ensure that every couple’s unique tale is told with cinematic grace.



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