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I combine cinematic storytelling with raw emotions and music video editing skills. My goal is to make your highlight film truly epic and breathtaking! Live recordings of your Ceremony and Speeches are also included. 

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Storyteller, not Videographer

I am not your typical wedding videographer. I don’t just shoot everything, nor do I create an overwhelming amount of footage. Instead, I carefully select my shots and approach them from a unique perspective. I never overlook important details and always capture what truly matters. In the most cinematic manner possible. I tell captivating stories through my films.

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Featured Wedding Stories

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Sophie & Chris
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Rae & Brendan
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Rebecca and Nicholas
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Karolina and Aaron

Why choose Chris ?

  • Natural Vibes: My films may appear cinematic and polished meanwhile 95% of the shots are captured naturally, ensuring genuine moments. I make it a priority to establish a rapport and gain trust with couples from the beginning because it plays a significant role in the film creation process.

  • Tailored to you: Even though I follow my process of creation, I always adapt to what’s most important for the couple. Whether it is a first dance, bridal preparations, or family and friends. It’s the couple’s vision and my execution.

  • Fully Engaged: I am fully emotionally and visually present throughout the day. I can easily get teary-eyed during emotional moments or feel a sense of awe when I capture the “WOW” shot. It all depends on the atmosphere.

Few words from the happy couples

"The attention to detail was impeccable, capturing every emotional moment beautifully. A genuine person and so easy to get on with. The editing was seamless, creating a cinematic masterpiece that truly reflects the essence of our special day "
Paul and Rebecca
"Chris is an amazing videographer and the videos he captured of our special day are cinematic in their feel and magical to watch"
Steve and Alexandra
" Chris’s eye for detail is astounding. He is a joy to work with. He deftly navigated complex family dynamics, moved swiftly through the portrait session, and knew when to blend into the background and when to assert himself to get the best shots "
Hayley and Alex

Story that needs to be told

After having filmed more than 200 weddings and conversed with countless couples and guests, one thing remains evident: those who opted to have their wedding filmed have never expressed regret. Conversely, numerous couples who opted not to hire a videographer lament not having a recorded account of their special day. Ultimately, the decision to film or not film is a matter of personal choice. From my perspective, I think that every love story deserves to be captured. After all, the footage becomes a cherished memory that can be shared for years to come.

So, let’s discuss how we can immortalize your big day in a way that resonates with you.


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