Capturing Aaron and Karolina’s Unforgettable Wedding Journey

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The tale of Aaron and Karolina’s wedding day is heartwarming! As their videographer ( thanks to Pete Davis ), I had the amazing job of turning their special moments into everlasting memories. It is a story, filled with love, tradition, and unforgettable scenes.

Getting Ready at Home – Where the Excitement Begins

The day kicked off at the couple’s home. Buzzing with excitement, Karolina and her squad – bridesmaids, brides mother,  flower girls, and even the little ones – were all getting dolled up in shades of navy blue. It was their chosen theme for the day. Everything from robes to shoes had a touch of this color. The most heartwarming touch was Karolina’s bouquet charm with her late father’s picture. The emotions were real and raw, and I made sure to capture every heartfelt moment.

Saying “I Do” at The Oratory of Saint Philip Neri

The ceremony took place at the stunning Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, a bright and beautiful church. Aaron and his groomsman were already there, enjoying each other’s company and soaking in the sun. On this day I teamed up with the experienced photographer, Vaughan Evans. We worked together seamlessly to capture the essence of the day without intruding on the key moments. As the ceremony unfolded, I got my slow-motion shots and he got his candid pictures therefore letting the real emotions shine through.

Celebrations by The Lake at Barston Golf Club

The celebration moved to the Barston Golf Club. By a serene lake, it was a setting straight out of a fairy tale. By the traditional Polish customs, the couple was greeted with bread and salt. The guests joined in the cheer, singing the “sto lat” song. Amidst the joyful chaos, I managed to capture some wonderful family shots and breathtaking drone views that showcased the love in the air.  Oh, and that epic bridesmaid bouquet toss! Magic!
The quiet moments with just Aaron and Karolina, once we set off to do the couple shots, were a true reflection of their bond! With Vaughn’s photography and my videography perfectly complementing each other, I think we made them feel at ease at this moment. Personally, this is my favorite part of the day, and it is crucial that the couple is relaxed. Only then I can create those epic, natural, and cinematic shots.

After the roast dinner, all the guests enjoyed their quiet time and a moment of relaxation, while the animators were engaging kids into entertainment. There were jumping ropes, dancing, singing, and lots and lots of bubbles that kids surely loved…  and not only the kids but me too! 🙂 

Dancing into Forever

As the day turned to evening, the energy was still electric. The cake-cutting and the couple’s choreographed first dance were magical. With confetti cannons adding a burst of fun, every emotion was captured on camera. A heartfelt speech by the best man and the groom’s own words wrapped up the formalities and finally, it was time to party!

A Videographer’s Perspective

Working with Vaughan Evans was, as always – pure joy!  I aimed to capture the day’s essence in an unobtrusive manner. The goal was to blend in while creating cinematic shots that tell the story naturally. From candid moments to sweeping views, every shot was a labor of love. Our collaboration ensured that we didn’t miss a beat, creating a beautiful tapestry of Aaron and Karolina’s journey which trailer you can watch below.

In Conclusion – A Story of Love

As I look back on Aaron and Karolina’s special day, I’m reminded of the privilege it was to be a part of it. Their love story is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, shared emotions, and joyful celebrations. It’s my hope that as they step into their new life together, the memories I have captured will always remind them of this incredible day. 


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